Tarnsportes Oteiza

Quality politics


Transportes Oteiza S.A, dedicated to the godos Road transport to temperatura controlled (Perishable Goods), it takes as a politics to assure the maximum level of satisfaction of its clients and the continuous progress by means of the fulfillment of the quality targets estabilished by the Company, adopting the commitment to apply the following decisions:

  • To know and to satisfy the needs and expectations of our clients, as well as the legal and regulatory requisites that result from application in every case.
  • To communicate to the client, with the biggest possible advance, the incidences that could take place in the service and minimize this way the impact that these could have.
  • To assure the quality, legality and safety of the transported products.
  • To try a continuous progress of the efficiency of our services and of management that allow us to be competitive.
  • To involve to our personnel, with its contributions, in the attainment of the Continuous Progress.
  • To expire with the delivery date.
  • To be compromised by the environment responsibility, the sustainability, the ethical responsibility and the labor responsibility.

As a result of this exposition, our efforts are faced in different performance ambiences:

  • The constant progress of the professional training of our personnel, across a continued formation.
  • The progress and constant technological innovation of our facilities to turn them into more advanced posts of the sector.
  • The detection of opportunities of progress in our System of Management, by means of periodic reviews of the same one that guarantee its permanent adequacy and suitability to the requirements of a more and more competitive market and an environment in constant evolution.
  • Suitable maintenance of our fleet of vehicles.

The quality politics will be communicated and understood by the whole organization of the company, this direction being considered to be the first one in leading and in assuming the fulfillment.